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Last Update: 2017-08-26 01:22 UTC

SteamOS is a Debian-based Linux distribution designed to run Valve's Steam and Steam games. It also provides a desktop mode (GNOME) which can run regular Linux applications. In addition to a stable Debian base, SteamOS features various third-party drivers and updated graphics stack, a newer Linux kernel with long-term support, and a custom graphics compositor designed to provide a seamless transition between Steam, its games and the SteamOS system overlay. The base operating system is open-source software, but the Steam client is proprietary.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 81 (144), 6 months: 87 (135), 3 months: 88 (139), 4 weeks: 86 (145), 1 week: 73 (157)

Average visitor rating: 6.14/10 from 7 review(s).

SteamOS Summary
Distribution SteamOS
Home Page http://store.steampowered.com/steamos/
Mailing Lists --
User Forums http://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamuniverse/discussions/1/
Alternative User Forums LinuxQuestions.org
Documentation FAQInstallation Instructions
Screenshots --
Download Mirrors http://repo.steampowered.com/download/LinuxTracker.org
Bug Tracker --
Related Websites Wikipedia
Reviews 1.0 Beta: Linux UserDedoimedoPC AuthorityTechgage
Where To Buy OSDisc.com (sponsored link)

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  Releases, download links and checksums:
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 • 2015-01-15: Development Release: SteamOS 1.0 Beta Update 153
 • 2014-10-23: Development Release: SteamOS 1.0 Beta Update 145
 • 2014-05-09: Development Release: SteamOS 1.0 Beta Update 105
 • 2013-12-14: Development Release: SteamOS 1.0 Beta
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Table Notes and Explanations

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  • Notes: In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. For indication about the GNOME version, please check the "nautilus" and "gnome-shell" packages. The Apache web server is listed as "httpd" and the Linux kernel is listed as "linux". The KDE desktop is represented by the "kdelibs" and "plasma-desktop" packages and the Xfce desktop by the "xfdesktop" package.
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Feature 2.121
Release Date 2017-08-02
End Of Life  
Price (US$) Free
Image Size (MB) 1500-1500
Free Download ISO
Installation Text mode
Default Desktop GNOME
Package Management DEB
Release Model Fixed
Office Suite --
Processor Architecture x86_64
Init Software systemd
Journaled File Systems  
Asian Language Support  
Full Package List 2.121
Package 2.121
abiword (3.0.2) --
alsa-lib (1.1.5) 1.0.28
ati-driver (16.40) --
bash (4.4.12) 4.3
bind (9.11.2-P1) --
chromium (63.0.3239.132) --
cups (2.2.6) --
dhcp (4.3.6) 4.3.1
e2fsprogs (1.43.8) 1.42.12
firefox (58.0) 38.8.0
freetype (2.9) 2.5.2
gcc (7.2.0) 4.9.2
gimp (2.8.22) --
glibc (2.26) 2.19
gnome-shell (3.26.2) 3.14.4
gnucash (2.6.19) --
gnumeric (1.12.38) --
grub (2.02) 2.02beta2
gtk+ (3.22.26) 3.14.5
httpd (2.4.29) --
inkscape (0.92.2) --
k3b (17.12.1) --
kmod (25) 18
libgnome (2.32.1) --
libreoffice (5.4.4) --
linux (4.14.14) 4.11.12
Package 2.121
lxde-common (0.99.2) --
mariadb (10.2.12) --
mate-desktop (1.18.0) --
mesa (17.3.3) 17.1.2
mysql (5.7.21) --
nautilus (3.26.2) 3.14.1
NVIDIA (387.22) 381.22
openbox (3.6.1) --
openjdk (8u151) --
openssh (7.6p1) 6.7p1
openssl (1.1.0g) 1.0.1t
perl (5.26.1) 5.20.2
php (7.2.1) --
plasma-desktop (5.11.5) --
postfix (3.2.4) --
postgresql (10.1) --
Python (3.6.4) 2.7.9
qt (5.10.0) 4.8.6
samba (4.7.4) --
systemd (236) 215
thunderbird (52.5.2) --
vim (8.0) 7.4
vlc (2.2.8) --
xfdesktop (4.12.4) --
xorg-server (1.19.6) 1.16.4

Reader Ratings
Reader supplied reviews for SteamOS

Average rating
from 7 review(s)

What are your thoughts on SteamOS?
Please include a few pros and a few cons, along with your overall impression of the operating system.
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Past reviews - sort by:

Version: 2.121
Rating: 1
Date: 2017-11-12
Votes: 0

I cannot recommend this OS. The lack of regression fixes and other security access problems meant it was used for minutes before being uninstalled and Debian Buster/Sid used instead. As a gamer I need good software that is fixed as needed, not forgotten about or the fault pushed down the line to before Steam used the fork of Debian. Steam will only help if you are using pure Steamos or Ubuntu.

typical US spyware

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 2.121
Rating: 9
Date: 2017-08-29
Votes: 2

for a user friendly, streamlined console experience SteamOS is great. I've replaced my Xbox with a Steam box and am very happy with the results.

My one problem is that many packages are not released for SteamOS. There are some workarounds and unofficial repositories that build Debian packages for SteamOs, but the operating system is not as easy to find packages for as the major Linux distributions: Debian and Ubuntu.

That said, I'm a Linux noob and my first Linux machine ever is SteamOS. Experts may feel differently.

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 2.0-preview
Rating: 9
Date: 2017-07-08
Votes: 0

Built on Debian means a Stable system which works very well !

Was this review helpful? Yes No

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