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Last Update: 2023-12-08 12:50 UTC

NuTyX is a French Linux distribution (with multi-language support) built from Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch, with a custom package manager called "cards". The package manager can install individual binary packages, a group of related binary packages (e.g. desktop packages, such as KDE or Xfce), and compile source packages from "ports". The distribution is designed for intermediate and advanced Linux users.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 78 (148), 6 months: 97 (124), 3 months: 102 (117), 4 weeks: 119 (74), 1 week: 109 (72)

Average visitor rating: 8/10 from 11 review(s).

NuTyX Summary
Distribution NuTyX
Home Page https://www.nutyx.org/
Mailing Lists https://listengine.tuxfamily.org/nutyx.org/
User Forums https://forums.nutyx.org/ (International) • https://forum.nutyx.org/ (French)
Alternative User Forums
Documentation https://www.nutyx.org/en/documentation.html
Screenshots https://nutyx.org/en/screenshotsDistroWatch Gallery
Download Mirrors https://nutyx.org/en/downloadsDistroWatch Torrent Archive
Bug Tracker https://github.com/NuTyX/core/issues
Related Websites  
Reviews 22.x: DistroWatch
20.x: DistroWatch
10.x: DistroWatch
9.x: ALV (Russian)
Houaphan: Frederic Bezies
Saravane: Frederic Bezies
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Recent Related News and Releases
  Releases announcements with download links and checksums:
 • 2023-07-30: Distribution Release: NuTyX 23.07.0
 • 2023-03-01: Distribution Release: NuTyX 23.02.1
 • 2022-12-22: Distribution Release: NuTyX 22.12.0
 • 2022-07-24: Distribution Release: NuTyX 22.07.0
 • 2022-04-06: Distribution Release: NuTyX 22.04.1
 • 2021-12-26: Distribution Release: NuTyX 21.10.12
 • 2021-10-22: Distribution Release: NuTyX 21.10.0
 • 2020-12-14: Distribution Release: NuTyX 20.12.0
 • 2020-10-16: Development Release: NuTyX 12 Beta 4
 • 2020-09-10: Distribution Release: NuTyX 11.6
 • 2020-05-21: Distribution Release: NuTyX 11.5
 • 2020-03-12: Distribution Release: NuTyX 11.4
 • More NuTyX releases...

 • 2021-06-30 NuTyX is shutting down
 • More NuTyX headlines...

Table Notes and Explanations

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  • To compare the software in this project to the software available in other distributions, please see our Compare Packages page.
  • Notes: In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. For indication about the GNOME version, please check the "nautilus" and "gnome-shell" packages. The Apache web server is listed as "httpd" and the Linux kernel is listed as "linux". The KDE desktop is represented by the "plasma-desktop" package and the Xfce desktop by the "xfdesktop" package.
  • Colour scheme: green text = latest stable version, red text = development or beta version. The function determining beta versions is not 100% reliable due to a wide variety of versioning schemes.
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Feature packages 23.11.0 22.12.0 20.12.1 11.6 10.6 9.1 8.2.1 14.11 Sekong.3 Pakxe Attapu.1 Feature
Release Date 2023-12-08 2023-11-04 2022-12-21 2021-01-24 2020-09-10 2019-02-25 2017-09-24 2016-10-16 2014-11-01 2013-07-17 2011-06-02 2010-12-06 Release Date
End Of Life                         End Of Life
Price (US$) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Price (US$)
Image Size (MB)   1500-2000 1500-2000 4400-4500 4400-4500 283-1200 230-250           Image Size (MB)
Installation Text mode Text mode Text mode Text mode Text mode Text mode Text mode Text mode Text mode Text mode Text mode Graphical Installation
Default Desktop   CDE, Cinnamon, Enlightenement, GNOME, KDE Plasma, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, Xfce CDE, Cinnamon, Enlightenement, GNOME, KDE Plasma, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, Xfce -- -- -- -- -- -- KDE KDE, Xfce KDE, Xfce Default Desktop
Package Management cards cards cards cards cards cards cards cards cards pkgutils, ports pkgutils, ports pkgutils, ports Package Management
Release Model Rolling Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Release Model
Office Suite GOffice, LibreOffice GOffice, LibreOffice GOffice, LibreOffice GOffice, LibreOffice GOffice, LibreOffice GOffice, LibreOffice GOffice, LibreOffice GOffice, LibreOffice GOffice, LibreOffice -- GOffice GOffice Office Suite
Processor Architecture i686, x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686 Processor Architecture
Init Software systemd, SysV systemd, SysV systemd, SysV SysV SysV SysV SysV SysV SysV SysV SysV SysV Init Software
Journaled File Systems Btrfs, ext3, ext4, JFS, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, XFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS ext3, ext4, ReiserFS Btrfs, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS Journaled File Systems
Multilingual de, da, en, es, fi, fr, it, nl, nn, pt, sv, tr en, fr en, fr en, fr en, fr en, fr en, fr en, fr en, fr fr fr fr Multilingual
Asian Language Support Yes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Asian Language Support
Full Package List packages 23.11.0 22.12.0 20.12.1 11.6 10.6 9.1   14.11 sekong.3 pakxe attapu.1 Full Package List

Full Package List:   NuTyX 15.05
  Number of packages: 88 (download as TXT)
  •  aaabasicfs 15.5-1
  •  aaabasicfs.man 15.5-1
  •  acl 2.2.52-1
  •  attr 2.4.47-1
  •  bash 4.3.30-1
  •  bc 1.06.95-1
  •  binutils 2.25-1
  •  btrfs-progs 3.19-1
  •  bzip2 1.0.6-1
  •  cards 1.0-1
  •  cards.man 1.0-1
  •  coreutils 8.23-1
  •  cpio 2.11-1
  •  curl 7.42.1-1
  •  dhcpcd 6.8.1-1
  •  dialog 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.da 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.de 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.es 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.fi 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.fr 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.it 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.nl 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.pt 1.2-20140911-1
  •  dialog.sv 1.2-20140911-1
  •  diffutils 3.3-1
  •  e2fsprogs 1.42.12-1
  •  e3 2.8-1
  •  eudev 3.0-1
  •  expat 2.1.0-1
  •  file 5.22-1
  •  findutils 4.4.2-1
  •  flex 2.5.39-1
  •  gcc 4.9.2-1
  •  gdbm 1.11-1
  •  gettext 0.19.4-1
  •  glibc 2.21-1
  •  gmp 6.0.0a-1
  •  gperf 3.0.4-1
  •  grep 2.21-2
  •  groff 1.22.3-1
  •  grub 2.00-1
  •  gzip 1.6-1
  •  iana-etc 2.30-1
  •  inetutils 1.9.2-1
  •  iproute2 3.19.0-1
  •  jfsutils 1.1.15-1
  •  kbd 2.0.2-1
  •  kernel-iso 3.18.11-1
  •  kmod 20-1
  •  less 458-1
  •  libarchive 3.1.2-1
  •  libcap 2.24-1
  •  libpipeline 1.4.0-1
  •  linux-firmware 20150207-1
  •  lvm2 2.02.119-1
  •  lzo 2.09-1
  •  man-db 2.7.1-1
  •  mdadm 3.3.1-1
  •  mpc 1.0.3-1
  •  mpfr 3.1.2-1
  •  ncurses 5.9-1
  •  openssl 1.0.2a-1
  •  pam 1.1.8-1
  •  procps-ng 3.3.10-1
  •  psmisc 22.21-1
  •  readline 6.3-1
  •  reiserfsprogs 3.6.24-1
  •  sed 4.2.2-1
  •  shadow 4.2.1-1
  •  squashfs 4.3-1
  •  sudo 1.8.12-1
  •  sysklogd 1.5.1-1
  •  sysvinit 2.88dsf-1
  •  tar 1.28-1
  •  tzdata 2015d-1
  •  util-linux 2.26.2-1
  •  util-linux.da 2.26.2-1
  •  util-linux.de 2.26.2-1
  •  util-linux.es 2.26.2-1
  •  util-linux.fi 2.26.2-1
  •  util-linux.fr 2.26.2-1
  •  util-linux.it 2.26.2-1
  •  util-linux.nl 2.26.2-1
  •  util-linux.sv 2.26.2-1
  •  xfsprogs 3.2.2-1
  •  xz 5.2.1-1
  •  zlib 1.2.8-1

Reader Ratings
Reader supplied reviews for NuTyX

Average rating
from 11 review(s)
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Past reviews - sort by:

Version: 23.05.0
Rating: 10
Date: 2023-05-22
Votes: 5

Well i have used too much distro. So what about Nutyx, fast package manager and fresh rolling release distro. Although sometimes it may lack of some packages. It's still good. The package manager "CARDS" is one of the best. Multiple init system support is perfect, sysv , runit and systemd. Developers are caring about you. This distro is unlisted in Flatpak supported distros but it has good flatpak support. You install it with curses-like screen(i mean distro). This distro works faster compared to a lot of linux distro. Documantations are good. It have a lot of kde cinnamon base etc. isos.

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 23.01.3
Rating: 7
Date: 2023-02-06
Votes: 11

First review in nine months but here goes: Before installation it's recommended to set up the disk to install to: ESP, main partition and "swap" at minimum. Impressed with the no-nonsense function: basically it makes like it's copying the ISO contents to the target partition, then it asks where to place the bootloader. It cannot recognize UUID's; I think this is something the maintainers should consider. Especially if you like booting off external USB disks you will have to at least edit "/boot/grub/grub.cfg" and "/etc/fstab".

At first I installed XFCE but it had a problem with registering Wifi modem password, which forced me to install KDE Plasma version. This KDE comes without the ability to disable the compositor and a few other annoyances but it's the latest matching Arch-based and other rolling-release distros. KWallet could be buggy; I had to fight with it to get Internet. Sometimes after the system shows SDDM log-in screen it flashes briefly when the user enters the first figure of his/her password. After session start KWrite could open claiming to be maximized but takes up like half the screen; either that or without the window frame and titlebar. I also have EndeavourOS, Freespire, Kubuntu, Manjaro, NeptuneOS, Q4OS and Spiral with the same exact D.E. (some of them older though and too many LOL) which I've never seen that misbehavior. IMHO the Debian-based distros I listed just run this bloatware D.E. faster and better than whatever has the latest release of Plasma. Nutyx KDE cannot even start faster. That's why I wished I had it with XFCE instead.

On a Saturday after I saw on this site that there was the 23.01 update, I wound up spending the good part of an hour breaking and starting "cards" on the terminal and fighting with my slow Internet connection. Chiefly it updated the Linux kernel to v6.1.9, Firefox, a bunch of KDE stuff, "cards" and "nutyx" themselves, "systemd" and "llvm" which might not even be used, and more.

I advise against using FLCards GUI program -- too stiff for people used to slick interfaces. "cards" program needs a "verbose" mode for some things like synching with the repository server(s). "fuse2" is needed to run AppImages; it is not provided. Now I'm not sure but it has Flatpak library pre-included. However if you venture to uninistall Plasma Discover it takes down the Flatpak library and other things (including "fuse2") which is irritating because if then you ask it to put back Flatpak it puts back those other things *except* Discover.

The main developer is around the forum which is otherwise kind of sparse; the site is not for paranoid people that must visit only "https"-marked places. This is important when you want to create an account, because eg. Firefox could keep warning while an user enters his/her password and then waits for e-mail confirmation to be able to post on the forum. As it's said on this site's page for Nutyx, this system requires at least intermediate knowledge of Linux and a fast Internet connection. There is no "multilib", you'll have to handle it yourself if you want Wine or something else that requires 32-bit mode. One advantage I have a burning desire to utilize is its ability to operate within another Linux system, chiefly to increase Nutyx the distro's available packages.

by mnrv-ovrf-year-c

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 22.04.6
Rating: 9
Date: 2022-05-09
Votes: 11

C'est un bon OS.Nécessite une certaine expérience des distributions linux.

Je suis dans le monde linux depuis décembre 2020, j'aime bien bidouiller et je cherche à apprendre à utiliser la ligne de commande.Donc il vaut mieux commencer par des OS classiques type Linux Mint très orienté débutant.Il faut chercher à y apprendre le fonctionnement de la ligne de commande.

Nutyx est solide et très peu gourmande en ressource,Je la trouve mieux à ce niveau que Void Linux.Je les ai tous les deux avec Mate et au démarrage il y a à peu près 350M de RAM utilisée avec un peu moins pour Nutyx.Par contre Nutyx manque de paquets, en particulier pour changer l'apparence des applications, en l'occurrence qt5ct ou kvantum.

Je le conseille sans hésiter aux personnes curieuses qui n'ont pas peur de faire des efforts pour chercher à le dompter.

Was this review helpful? Yes No

See all 11 reader reviews of NuTyX...

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