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Commodore OS Vision RSS Feed DistroWatch.com: Commodore OS Vision

Commodore OS Vision

Last Update: 2024-02-02 02:44 UTC

Commodore OS Vision is a 64-bit Linux distribution which was originally based on Linux Mint and is now an unofficial spin of MX Linux. This distribution was created for Commodore enthusiasts and people who appreciate a retro style interface. Commodore OS Vision uses the MATE desktop interface and features a retro look and effects. It has a classic Commodore slant with a selection of applications reminiscent of their classic Amiga counterparts.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 264 (23), 6 months: 186 (40), 3 months: 181 (37), 4 weeks: 157 (37), 1 week: 150 (37)

Average visitor rating: 9.5/10 from 2 review(s).

Commodore Summary
Distribution Commodore OS Vision
Home Page https://www.commodoreusa.net/
Mailing Lists --
User Forums http://forum.commodoreos.net/
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Documentation --
Screenshots --
Screencasts https://www.commodoreos.net/CommodoreOS.aspx
Download Mirrors https://www.commodoreos.net/DistroWatch Torrent Archive
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Reviews Beta: Commodore Computer Blog (Italian)
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 • 2012-07-03: Development Release: Commodore OS Vision 1.0 Beta 9
 • 2011-11-12: Development Release: Commodore OS Vision 1.0 Beta
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Feature 2.0 1.0-beta9
Release Date 2023-12-13 2012-07-01
End Of Life    
Price (US$) Free Free
Image Size (MB)
Free Download ISO ISO
Installation Graphical Graphical
Default Desktop MATE GNOME
Package Management DEB DEB
Release Model Fixed Fixed
Office Suite LibreOffice LibreOffice
Processor Architecture x86_64 x86_64
Init Software SysV SysV
Journaled File Systems Btrfs, ext3, ext4, XFS Btrfs, ext3, ext4, JFS, ReiserFS, XFS
Multilingual Yes Yes
Asian Language Support    
Full Package List 2.0 1.0-beta9
Package 2.0 1.0-beta9
abiword (3.0.5) -- --
alsa-lib (1.2.12) 1.2.4 1.0.23
amdgpu (23.0.0) -- 8.780
bash (5.2.21) 5.1 4.1
bind (9.18.27) -- --
chromium (126.0.6478.182) 119.0.6045.199 r103287
cups (2.4.10) 2.3.3 1.4.4
dhcp (4.4.3-P1) 4.4.1 3.1.3
e2fsprogs (1.47.1) 1.46.2 1.41.12
firefox (128.0) 120.0.1 9.0
freetype (2.13.2) 2.10.4 2.4.2
gcc (14.1.0) 10.2.1 4.4.4
gimp (2.10.38) 2.10.28 2.6.10
glibc (2.39) 2.31 2.12.1
gnome-shell (46.3.1) 3.38.6 --
gnucash (5.8) 4.4 2.2.9
gnumeric (1.12.57) -- --
grub (2.12) 2.06 1.98
gtk (4.14.4) -- 2.22.0
httpd (2.4.62) -- --
inkscape (1.3.2) 1.1.1 0.48.0
k3b (24.05.2) -- --
kmod (32) 28 --
krita (5.2.3) --  
LibreOffice (24.2.5) 7.0.4 3.3.2
linux (6.10) 6.5.13 2.6.35
Package 2.0 1.0-beta9
lxpanel (0.10.1) -- --
mariadb (11.4.2) --  
mate-desktop (1.28.2) 1.24.1 --
mesa (24.1.4) 20.3.5 7.11git
mysql (9.0.0) -- --
nautilus (46.2) 3.38.2 2.32.0
NVIDIA (555.58) -- 260.19.29
openbox (3.6.1) -- --
openjdk (22) 11.0.21u1 6b20
openssh (9.8p1) 8.4p1 5.5p1
openssl (3.3.1) 1.1.1w 0.9.8o
perl (5.40.0) 5.32.1 5.10.1
php (8.3.9) -- --
plasma-desktop (6.1.3) --  
postfix (3.9.0) -- --
postgresql (16.3) -- --
Python (3.12.4) 3.9.2 2.6.6
qt (6.7.2) 5.15.2 4.7.0
samba (4.20.2) 4.13.13 --
systemd (256.2) -- --
thunderbird (128.0) 78.13.0 --
vim (9.1) 8.2 7.2
vlc (3.0.21) 3.0.20 1.1.4
wayland (1.23.0) --  
xfdesktop (4.18.1) -- --
xorg-server (21.1.13) 1.20.11

Reader Ratings
Reader supplied reviews for Commodore OS Vision

Average rating
from 2 review(s)

What are your thoughts on Commodore OS Vision?
Please include a few pros and a few cons, along with your overall impression of the operating system.
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Version: 2.0
Rating: 9
Date: 2024-02-27
Votes: 20

I was a teenager when the Commodore 64 was the best selling computer of all time. So of course I was intrigued by this distro. It's described as an unofficial MX Linux respin which is a good choice. The description also mentions it comes set up with auto login and "lowered privileges" which is intended to match the way computers were in the 80s. You're warned not to run your business with it but that you can adjust the security level. This is something I see as a good thing. I was annoyed with how strict the security was on MX forcing me to enter passwords incessantly and the issues with permissions on even the most basic file ops. I was thinking the whole time "Hey, I'm not running a server here!"

The description says no "personal" data is collected. But then when I read the legal terms, which you HAVE to agree to in order to use the OS, you're "granting the right" to collect usage and hardware statistics data. What that means is, while they may not go into your contacts, emails and documents, everything you do in the OS is being tracked. I have issues with OSes collecting any data at all and I didn't care for the fact that I had to read the fine print to verify data was in fact being collected. Because this OS was intended for a laptop that never connects to the Internet anyway I'm not that concerned. But just so you're aware... As for my review, I'm docking a point since there's no option to enable/disable data collection as with other distros.

There are quite a few audio and visual effects including retro speech synthesis. It's very much like the OS itself has been given a sort of video game theme. It has a "fun" vibe to it. You can easily turn some or all of it off and there are additional effects you can activate as well.

The developer warns this is not a lightweight distro. So it has all the apps you usually see in a distro plus apps you don't often see. For example, it has GNUCash which I've never seen in a distro before. There's an Amiga clone paint program and a number of other Commodore/Amiga clone apps to satisfy that nostalgia some may have. In many cases you have two or three of each type of app to choose from such as Chromium, Tor and Firefox browsers. Under the programming category it comes with Gambas BASIC which fits with the retro theming as just about all home computers in the 80s came with BASIC. There are plenty of other modern development tools as well, more than you usually see in a distro, including VS Code. VirtualBox and Wine are also included. There's a full suite of audio, video and graphics tools with the novel addition of C64 and Amiga tracker style music editors. It also has all the tools that come with MX, most of which are quite useful. So it's definitely loaded with decent apps.

For many, the premiere feature will be that it has emulators for bygone Commodore and Amiga machines. So in just a few clicks you're back at the command prompt of your old Commodore 64 or Amiga 500. What's not to like about that! There are eight different emulator links but some of them didn't boot up. I checked the forum and it looks like the issue will be fixed in the next update? For now you'll have to do some tweaking to launch those emulators. That's not nearly it for the emulators though! It has a truckload of other 80s emulators like ZX Spectrum, Z80, pretty much every Atari product, DOS, NES, Playstation, Sega, Nintendo and MAME, plus half a dozen gaming services. It's really cool and it makes this one of the most unique distros I've ever seen. Retro gaming and computing enthusiasts should be very pleased with this setup.

Most of the distros I've downloaded and tested ended up getting deleted. This one I'm keeping.

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 2.0
Rating: 10
Date: 2024-02-13
Votes: 15

Commodore OS takes users on a nostalgic journey while seamlessly integrating modern computing capabilities. With its atmospheric retro-inspired graphical user interface (GUI), this operating system evokes fond memories of the classic computing era while delivering a robust and contemporary user experience.

One of the most striking aspects of Commodore OS is its GUI, which pays homage to the iconic design aesthetics of vintage computing systems. From the pixelated icons to the retro color schemes, every detail is meticulously crafted to transport users back to the golden age of computing. Navigating through the interface feels like a delightful stroll down memory lane, reminiscent of the days when computers were just beginning to revolutionize the world.

Beyond its captivating visuals, Commodore OS impresses with its carefully curated selection of applications. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast, a multimedia aficionado, or a productivity-focused user, you'll find a comprehensive suite of software tailored to your needs. From classic games that evoke nostalgia to cutting-edge multimedia tools, the software lineup is diverse and well-rounded, ensuring that users have everything they need right at their fingertips.

What truly sets Commodore OS apart is its seamless fusion of retro charm and modern functionality. While it pays homage to the past, it doesn't compromise on performance or features. Behind its vintage-inspired facade lies a powerful and capable operating system that can handle the demands of contemporary computing tasks with ease.

In conclusion, Commodore OS is a delightful blend of old and new, offering a unique computing experience that appeals to both nostalgia seekers and modern users alike. With its atmospheric GUI and well-chosen selection of applications, it manages to capture the essence of the past while embracing the possibilities of the future. Whether you're a seasoned computing veteran or a newcomer looking for something different, Commodore OS is definitely worth exploring.

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