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2018-03-01 NEWDistribution Release: SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.03
Mike Krüger has announced the release of SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.03. SwagArch is a rolling release distribution based on Arch Linux and featuring the Xfce desktop environment. The project's latest snapshot features mostly bug fixes, addressing Intel microcode updating errors, correcting keyboard shortcuts and making sure the notifyd daemon works. The brief changelog for this snapshot reads: "[BugFix] Non working keyboard shortcuts. [BugFix] Change entries in mimeapps.list from "firefox.desktop" to "exo-web-browser.desktop". Whisker menu "Switch Users" option grayed out. [BugFix] Intel microcode won't set by default. [BugFix] notifyd sometimes doesn't work. Feature] xfce4-windowck-plugin - Xfce panel plugin which allows to put the maximized window title on the panel. Reworked Panel Layout." Additional information and screenshots can be found on the distribution's home page. Download the live DVD image from GitHub: swagarch-1803_x86_64.iso (1,180MB, signature, torrent, pkglist).

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About SwagArch GNU/Linux
SwagArch is a GNU/Linux desktop distribution based on Arch Linux. The SwagArch distribution features a live DVD that runs the Xfce desktop and uses the Calamares graphical system installer. SwagArch offers popular FOSS applications pre-installed, including Firefox and the VLC multimedia player.

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