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2018-02-13 NEWDistribution Release: Zevenet 5.0 "Community"
Zevenet is a load balancer and application delivery system based on Debian. The Zevenet team has announced the release of Zevenet 5.0 "Community" edition. The new version is based on Debian 9 Stretch and features the following changes: "A new web GUI frontend in Angular. New API JSON+REST capabilities for processes automation. New networking section for a better management and configuration of interfaces. New LSLB module (Local Service Load Balancer) which manages both L4xNAT and HTTP/S profiles. Two different maintenance modes (cut and drain) for HTTP[S] and L4xNAT profiles. Improved HTTPS profile with new options to enable/disable SSL/TLS protocols... Faster response based on REST API. Improved look and UX. Enhanced logs management. Support save options for better troubleshooting and support. Linux Kernel based in a common Debian Stretch. Easier upgrade by modules and transitions to Enterprise. Improved the backup and recovery procedure." Further information can be found on the company's Timeline page. Download (MD5): zevenet-ce_v5.0.iso (463MB, torrent, pkglist).

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 • 2018-02-13: Distribution Release: Zevenet 5.0 "Community"

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About Zevenet
Zevenet is a load balancer and application delivery system based on Debian. The Zevenet platform provides HTTP and HTTPS connections for web applications as well as load balancing services for TCP and UDP traffic. Zevenet is available in community and commercially supported editions.

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