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2009-02-04 NEWDistribution Release: K12Linux F10 "Live Server"
Warren Togami has announced the release of K12Linux F10 "Live Server", a distribution featuring the Linux Terminal Server Project integrated with Fedora 10 in a convenient live USB or DVD media installer: "The K12Linux team is proud to announce the release of K12Linux F10 Live Server. K12Linux allows easy deployment of a Linux terminal server, capable of serving entire networks of netboot diskless clients. Clients login to the central terminal server, where they can use any Linux desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, Xfce) and most desktop applications. The clients are stateless, making them easy to maintain and replace by on-site staff with minimal training. Features: auto-configuration of diskless thin clients; applications like or Firefox are typically faster than a standalone Linux desktop; sound is automatically forwarded over the network via PulseAudio; local application support; local storage devices support." Read the full release announcement for further details. Download (SHA1): k12linux-f10-i386-stable4.iso (813MB), k12linux-f10-x86_64-stable4.iso (818MB).
2006-12-24 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 6.0.0
Eric Harrison has announced the release of K12LTSP Linux 6.0.0: "Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the spouse? K12LTSP 6.0.0 is now available for all of your gift-giving needs!" What's new in this release? "K12LTSP 6.0.0 is based on Fedora Core 6, with a large number of changes including: LTSP 4.2 update 4; a bunch of packages from Fedora Extras; hundreds of updated FC6 packages; a handful of K12LTSP packages, just to spice things up. This release of K12LTSP is slightly different than past releases in that there is no specific 'LTSP' install option. If you want do a 'normal' Fedora Core 6 install from K12LTSP 6, simply uncheck the 'LTSP' package group. The 'Education' package group has been split up into two groups." More details in the release announcement. Download: K12LTSP-6.0.0-32bit-dvd.iso (3,841MB, MD5), K12LTSP-6.0.0-64bit-dvd.iso (4,369MB, MD5).
2006-08-08 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 5.0.0
Eric Harrison has announced immediate availability of K12LTSP Linux 5.0.0, a Fedora-based distribution designed for terminal servers and diskless clients: "K12LTSP version 5.0 is now available for your downloading pleasure. K12LTSP 5.0 is based on Fedora Core 5, which includes all sorts of new stuff. Of primary interest to K12LTSP users: this release of Fedora includes Mono support for the first time, and Mono applications such as Beagle, F-Spot and Tomboy; there is dramatically improved internationalization support with SCIM." Read the rest of the release announcement for further details. The new version, available for both i386 and x86_64 architectures, comes on 6 CDs and can be downloaded from the project's main download server or its mirrors.
2006-07-14 NEWDevelopment Release: K12LTSP Linux 5.0 RC1
Eric Harrison has announced the availability of the first release candidate of K12LTSP Linux 5.0, a Fedora-based Linux distribution for thin clients: "K12LTSP 5.0.0 release candidate #1 has been uploaded. This includes today's LTSP CVS + the K12LTSP keymap fix. Jim tells me that LTSP 4.2 update 3 is about ready. If there are any additional updates to LTSP before update 3 is officially released, we'll add them into RC2. Please give this build a very thorough test and report any and all issues that you see. The repositories have been updated, if you have an earlier beta installed you can simply run 'yum update'." Here is the full release announcement. K12LTSP 5.0 comes on 6 CDs and is available for both the i386 and x86_64 architectures. Download from the server.
2005-06-20 NEWDevelopment Release: K12LTSP Linux 4.4.0 Beta 1
The first beta release of the upcoming K12LTSP Linux 4.4.0, now based on Fedora Core 4, is available for testing: "After several days of heavy-hacking, I have a first beta of K12LTSP 4.4.0 ready for testing. This is based on the just-released Fedora Core 4. It has all sorts of updates, including 2.0 beta. This beta also tests out changing the default desktop background. I updated my laptop and desktop earlier this week and all is going well so far. But keep in mind that this is a first beta, it is not ready for production use. This is not feature-complete and there are known bugs. If you want to help test this beta out, please be sure to run 'yum upgrade' after you install. I've already updated a dozen packages....". The release announcement. The five CD image set of K12LTSP Linux 4.4.0-beta1 can be downloaded from this directory.
2005-04-24 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 4.2.1
The K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (K12LTSP) has updated their distribution to version 4.2.1: "At long last, the final release of K12LTSP v4.2.1 is available for download." What's new? "Preliminary PPC support - most New World Macs boot as thin clients; LTSP 4.1.1 for Intel-based clients; improved USB key chain support; SchoolBell 1.0 added (SchoolBell is a free, open source web application to allow groups and organizations to coordinate the sharing of calendars); Fedora Extras repository enabled by default, makes it easy to add many new software packages such as Inkscape (try 'yum install inkscape')." See the release announcement for more details. Download: K12LTSP-4.2.1-disc1.iso (645MB), K12LTSP-4.2.1-disc2.iso (647MB), K12LTSP-4.2.1-disc3.iso (558MB), K12LTSP-4.2.1-disc4.iso (642MB), K12LTSP-4.2.1-disc5.iso (140MB).
2004-12-24 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 4.2.0
The final release of K12LTSP Linux 4.2.0 is now available: "Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the Spouse? K12LTSP 4.2.0 is now available for all of your gift-giving needs! It slices, it dices. And when you are finished, it makes great drink coasters! The ultimate stocking-stuffer! Hurry while supplies last!" From the release notes: "K12LTSP 4.2.0 is based on Fedora Core 3. The installer media check has been turned off by default. This check does not work if the ISO were burned on a 2.6.x kernel without being 'padded'...." Here is the announcement, inclusive of the release notes and download links. Download: K12LTSP-4.2.0-disc1.iso (632MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-disc2.iso 647MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-disc3.iso (647MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-disc4.iso (618MB).
2004-12-22 NEWDevelopment Release: K12LTSP Linux 4.2.0 RC1
The upcoming K12LTSP Linux 4.2.0 has reached release candidate status: "K12LTSP 4.2.0 release candidate 1. As expected, a number of major Fedora Core 3 packages were updated today. This includes Samba, PHP, glibc, and Gnumeric. I added all of these to K12LTSP 4.2.0 pre1 and uploaded the new ISOs. Unless someone finds a show-stopping bug, this will be the final release." Here is the release announcement with download links. Get the 4 ISO images from here: K12LTSP-4.2.0-rc1-disc1.iso (632MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-rc1-disc2.iso (647MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-rc1-disc3.iso (647MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-rc1-disc4.iso (618MB).
2004-11-22 NEWDevelopment Release: K12LTSP Linux 4.2.0 Beta 2
The developers of K12LTSP Linux are now working on a new release, based on Fedora Core 3. From the release announcement: "The second beta release of K12LTSP 4.2.0 has been uploaded. This build fixes a couple minor issues when upgrading from K12LTSP 3.1 and earlier. I also remembered to add back in apt. All of the latest-n-greatest FC3 patches have been applied, including an updated kernel that fixes a problem with Megaraid SCSI cards. Standard disclaimers apply: this is a beta so don't use in a production environment, etc, etc. Please report any bugs you may find..." Download: K12LTSP-4.2.0-beta2-disc1.iso (623MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-beta2-disc2.iso (646MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-beta2-disc3.iso (647MB), K12LTSP-4.2.0-beta2-disc4.iso (616MB).
2004-10-07 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 4.1.1
An updated version of the K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (K12LTSP) has been released: "K12LTSP version 4.1.1 is now available. This is mostly a collection of bug fixes and minor updates, but includes major updates to DansGuardian, Mondo backup, Qcad, and Scribus. If you already have K12LTSP 4.1.0 installed, the new packages and updates have been added to the apt/up2date/yum repositories. Changelog: rhn-applet is no longer installed by default. If you are upgrading you may want to manually remove this package (rpm -e rhn-applet). The rhn-applet has proven to require excessive processor and memory resources in a multi-user terminal server environment. squidGuard is now added if you select the 'Web Server' server package group...." The complete announcement. Download: K12LTSP-4.1.1-disc1.iso (646MB), K12LTSP-4.1.1-disc2.iso (649MB), K12LTSP-4.1.1-disc3.iso (649MB), K12LTSP-4.1.1-disc4.iso (632MB).
2004-08-11 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 4.1.0
K12LTSP 4.1.0 has been released: "K12LTSP 4.1.0 is finally available for your downloading pleasure. This release was a long time in coming, 144 days since the last release. K12LTSP 4.1.0 is the combination of Fedora Core 2 and LTSP 4.1. The hard work of these two projects shows in this release, this is the fastest, most refined release of K12LTSP to date. We owe the Fedora and LTSP projects a big thank-you." Read the full announcement including the changelog. Download: K12LTSP-4.1.0-disc1.iso (623MB), K12LTSP-4.1.0-disc2.iso (649MB) ,K12LTSP-4.1.0-disc3.iso (649MB), and K12LTSP-4.1.0-disc4.iso (621MB).
2004-02-17 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 4.0.1
K12LTSP Linux 4.0.1 has been released: "K12LTSP v4.0.1 is officially available for your downloading pleasure. Apt, up2date, and yum repositories have been updated. If you have K12LTSP v4.0.0 already installed, these fine utilities can update you to v4.0.1 without much fuss. Known issues. Reports of serious stability problems with SMP kernels continue. Mission-critical sites are still encouraged to stick with K12LTSP 3.1.2. The Enterprise version of K12LTSP in testing, please help out if you can..." Read the rest of the release announcement. Download: K12LTSP-4.0.1-disc1.iso (648MB), K12LTSP-4.0.1-disc2.iso (645MB), K12LTSP-4.0.1-disc3.iso (625MB), K12LTSP-4.0.1-disc4.iso (462MB).
2003-12-17 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 4.0
A brand new K12LTSP Linux, version 4.0 and based on Fedora Core 1, has been released: "K12LTSP 4.0 (K12 Linux Terminal Server Project) released on December 17. K12LTSP is FREE Linux desktop server software with a successful record of saving millions of dollars for schools, public agencies and businesses. Developed in 2001 by Oregon educators as a FREE alternative for schools using the Microsoft Windows(tm) operating system, K12LTSP is now used widely around the world. Version 4.0 represents a significant step forward in speed, ease of use and features. More than 50,000 schools, government agencies and businesses downloaded K12LTSP last year." Read the rest of the press release. Download the 4 ISO images from here: K12LTSP-4.0.0-disc1.iso (649MB), K12LTSP-4.0.0-disc2.iso (640MB), K12LTSP-4.0.0-disc3.iso (631MB), K12LTSP-4.0.0-disc4.iso (439MB).
2003-09-28 NEWDevelopment Release: K12LTSP 4.0 Beta 2
Following a new stable release, the K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (K12LTSP) has also released a new beta version: "The fine folks at Red Hat and at Fedora have been two of the most important contributors to K12LTSP. The tremendous increase in the quality of the K12LTSP packages is a direct result of work by Red Hat and Fedora. Closer collaboration between Red Hat and Fedora is great news for K12LTSP! Fedora Core beta #2 was released on September 25th. A new test build of K12LTSP, 4.0beta2, is based on this shiny new Fedora Core beta #2 and the shiny new LTSP 4.0." The full announcement. Download: K12LTSP-4.0beta2-disc1.iso (649MB), K12LTSP-4.0beta2-disc2.iso (629MB), K12LTSP-4.0beta2-disc3.iso (648MB), K12LTSP-4.0beta2-disc4.iso (296MB).
2003-09-28 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 3.1.2
A new version of the K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (K12LTSP) has been released: "K12LTSP v3.1.2 is officially available for your downloading pleasure. The vast majority of the difference between v3.1.1 & v3.1.2 are official Red Hat 9 updates & security patches. There have been a couple of significant changes to the K12LTSP packages: Red Hat 9.0.93 (the Severn beta) uses a different naming convention for the Bitstream Vera fonts. The K12LTSP package has been renamed to be compatible with future versions of RH..." See the rest of the release announcement for full details about changes and a list of mirrors. Download: K12LTSP-3.1.2-disc1.iso (648MB), K12LTSP-3.1.2-disc2.iso (648MB), K12LTSP-3.1.2-disc3.iso (630MB).
2003-08-13 NEWReview: The K12 Linux Terminal Server Project
Mad Penguin has been busy installing and configuring K12LTSP 3.1.1, a Linux server distribution for diskless terminals: "Overall, the system is well laid out and documention is good... both from the developers of K12LTSP as well as Red Hat. All joking aside, I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking for an inexpensive, easy to administer, Linux terminal server. The developers have done an excellent job of keeping the technical side of the system hidden from view, but is still accessible to the more seasoned pro. I give it a two thumbs up. Well worth looking into." The full review with several screenshots.
2003-06-26 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 3.1.1
The K12 Linux Terminal Server Project has released K12LTSP Linux 3.1.1: "K12LTSP 3.1.1 is now available for your downloading pleasure. There are several bug fixes, predominately for tuxtype. Several new goodies were added, including mondo backup, blender, and a couple new desktop themes. All of the latest-n-greatest patches from Red Hat have been applied." See the announcement for a complete list of changes. Download: K12LTSP-3.1.1-disc1.iso (649MB), K12LTSP-3.1.1-disc2.iso (648MB), K12LTSP-3.1.1-disc3.iso (631MB).
2003-05-27 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP Linux 3.1.0
A new version of K12LTSP (or K12 Linux Terminal Server Project) has been released: "K12LTSP 3.1.0 is now the official stable release. The big news with K12LTSP 3.1.0 is that it is based on Red Hat 9. The previous version, K12LTSP 3.0.2, is based on Red Hat 8.0. K12LTSP versions 3.0.2 and 3.1.0 were built in parallel, almost all of the K12LTSP-specific packages are identical. Read more for a description of the few minor differences." Full details in the official announcement. Download: K12LTSP-3.1.0-disc1.iso (648MB), K12LTSP-3.1.0-disc2.iso (647MB), K12LTSP-3.1.0-disc3.iso (615MB).
2003-05-15 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 3.0.2
A new update of the K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (K12LTSP) has been released: "Version 3.0.2 IS HERE! Based on Red Hat 8.0 with many updates. NOTE: The K12LTSP 3.0.2 CD-set contains software for creating a terminal server but can also be used to create traditional stand-alone workstations with all the same features of the K12LTSP desktops. This 3 CD set has everything you'll need to make a school file server, terminal server or single workstation." More information on the product page. Download: K12LTSP-3.0.2-disc1.iso (649MB), K12LTSP-3.0.2-disc2.iso (649MB), K12LTSP-3.0.2-disc3.iso (638MB).
2003-02-13 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 3.0.1
A new point release of K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (K12LTSP) has been announced: "It slices, it dices, it has even been known to boot terminals from time-to-time. K12LTSP v3.0.1 is now available at a mirror near you! I've made a number of minor changes and bug fixes. See the package-by-package breakdown below for all the dirty details. Besides the dirty details, the announcement also includes links to mirrors to download the new release. Quick links: K12LTSP-3.0.1-disc1.iso (644MB), K12LTSP-3.0.1-disc2.iso (648MB), K12LTSP-3.0.1-disc3.iso (626MB).
2003-01-02 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 3.0.0
K12LTSP version 3.0.0 has been released: "K12LTSP 3.0.0 is based on Red Hat 8.0 with many updates. The K12LTSP 3.0.0 CD-set contains software for creating a terminal server but can also be used to create traditional stand-alone workstations with all the same features of the K12LTSP desktops. This 3 CD set has everything you'll need to make a school file server, terminal server or single workstation." This is the announcement and this is the place to order the official CD set (US$15) or download the 3 ISO images: K12LTSP-3.0.0-disc1.iso (642MB), K12LTSP-3.0.0-disc2.iso (643MB) and K12LTSP-3.0.0-disc3.iso (622MB).
2002-11-18 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 2.1.2
K12LTSP 2.1.2 has been released. According to the CHANGELOG, this version incorporates all the Red Hat 7.3 security and bug fixes and major K12LTSP-specific upgrades including update to 1.0.1. Two new additions: ltsp_desktop_reset (adds a login session that resets a user's desktop) and verynice 1.1 (dynamically adjusts the nice level of programs, kills off some runaways). Download links to the three ISO images: K12LTSP-2.1.2-disc1.iso (646MB), K12LTSP-2.1.2-disc2.iso (635MB) and K12LTSP-2.1.2-disc3.iso (636MB).
2002-10-02 NEWDevelopment Release: K12LTSP 3.0 Beta
The K12 Linux Terminal Server Project has released K12LTSP 3.0 Beta: "K12LTSP 3.0 is based on RH 8 and I've got to say this is really nice. It looks great. RH8 + LTSP is a great way to bring Linux to school and business desktops. Eric and RH have been working together and that's why this release is out at the same time as RH 8. We appreciate their help and support." The rest of the announcement is here, while the three ISO images can be downloaded from this location: 1.iso (633MB), 2.iso (644MB), 3.iso (609MB). K12LTSP is part of the K12Linux in Schools project.
2002-08-01 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 2.1.1
The K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (K12LTSP) has released K12LTSP 2.1.1: "v2.1.1 is a relatively small update to v2.1.0, most of changes are official Red Hat security & bug fixes for Red Hat 7.3 (which K12LTSP 2.1.x is based on)." Read the release announcement, which includes a change log, mirror list and rsync update instructions. Download the three CD images here: K12LTSP-2.1.1-disc1.iso (645MB), K12LTSP-2.1.1-disc2.iso (623MB) and K12LTSP-2.1.1-disc3.iso (455MB) or order the official 3-CD set (US$15). Visit the distribution's home page to find out more.
2002-06-04 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 2.1.0
K12LTSP (or K12 Linux Terminal Server Project) 2.1.0 has been released. This is the official announcement. It is basically Red Hat Linux 7.3 + several enhancements such as 1.0. The distribution's download page provides links to mirrors and the three ISO images are also served from this location: K12LTSP-2.1.0-disc1.iso (662MB), K12LTSP-2.1.0-disc2.iso (662MB) and K12LTSP-2.1.0-disc3.iso (407MB). Alternatively, you can also order the 3-CD set online for US$15. More info is available on the distribution's project site.
2002-05-27 NEWDistribution Release: K12LTSP 2.1beta
The K12LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) is readying its latest release 2.1.0, based on Red Hat 7.3: "The big changes in this build compared to the last beta include: IceWM as a session choice (in both GDM and KDM); fixed a typo in the installer that prevented the 'Development', 'Games', and 'Dial up' options from showing up under the LTSP install options; gtypist tying tutor." Read the announcement here. If you are interested in these diskless workstations specifically designed to suite educational institutions, then visit the distribution's home page for additional information. A related link from LinuxPlanet called Graduation Day gives a detailed report on this project.

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