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DistroWatch.com: Zorin OS

Zorin OS Gallery

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(full image size: 948kB, resolution: 1920x1080)
(full image size: 1357kB, resolution: 1920x1080)
(full image size: 877kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 1076kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 350kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 714kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 1442kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 1696kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 878kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 633kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 766kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
(full image size: 702kB, resolution: 1366x768)
(full image size: 149kB, resolution: 1366x768)
(full image size: 873kB, resolution: 1366x768)
(full image size: 980kB, resolution: 1366x768)
(full image size: 848kB, resolution: 1366x768)
(full image size: 33kB, resolution: 601x290)
(full image size: 6kB, resolution: 601x380)
(full image size: 6kB, resolution: 601x380)
(full image size: 83kB, resolution: 601x454)
(full image size: 41kB, resolution: 601x232)
(full image size: 7kB, resolution: 601x381)
(full image size: 44kB, resolution: 669x345)
(full image size: 120kB, resolution: 601x356)
Star Labs

Star Labs Systems | Laptops designed for Linux

Star Labs - Laptops built for Linux.
View our range including the Star Lite, Star LabTop and more. Available with a choice of Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Zorin OS pre-installed with many more distributions supported. Visit Star Labs for information, to buy and get support.

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