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DistroWatch.com: GParted Live

GParted Live Gallery

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GParted Live 1.4.0
(full image size: 407kB, resolution: 1920x1200)
GParted Live 0.33.0
(full image size: 406kB, resolution: 1920x1080)
GParted Live 0.16.2
(full image size: 103kB, resolution: 1024x768)
GParted Live 0.12.0
(full image size: 343kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
GParted Live 0.7.1
(full image size: 214kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
GParted Live 0.5.2
(full image size: 422kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
GParted Live 0.4.8
(full image size: 424kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
GParted Live 0.3.9
(full image size: 324kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
GParted Live partition
(full image size: 37kB, resolution: 660x338)
GParted Live partition
(full image size: 30kB, resolution: 609x291)
GParted Live partition
(full image size: 47kB, resolution: 658x403)
GParted Live single
(full image size: 26kB, resolution: 607x285)
GParted Live dual
(full image size: 31kB, resolution: 607x285)
GParted Live mounted
(full image size: 43kB, resolution: 639x424)
GParted Live 0.3.4
(full image size: 256kB, resolution: 1280x1024)
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