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DistroWatch.com: Revenge OS

Revenge OS

Last Update: 2017-08-17 23:14 UTC

Revenge OS (previously called OBRevenge OS) is a desktop operating system that is based on the Arch Linux distribution. Revenge OS features a live DVD and offers users the Openbox window manager and Xfce panel with the Whisker menu as the default login session. The distribution includes a welcome window and the Pamac graphical software manager to help users get set up with the software and drivers they need. The distribution can be installed using the Calamares system installer.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 103 (114), 6 months: 57 (192), 3 months: 53 (194), 4 weeks: 52 (213), 1 week: 67 (140)

Average visitor rating: 8.72/10 from 29 review(s).

Revenge OS Summary
Distribution Revenge OS (formerly OBRevenge OS)
Home Page https://sourceforge.net/projects/obrevenge/
Mailing Lists --
User Forums https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/115644675078865877931
Alternative User Forums LinuxQuestions.org
Documentation https://github.com/obrevenge/obrevenge-iso/wiki
Screenshots DistroWatch Gallery
Download Mirrors https://sourceforge.net/projects/obrevenge/files/
Bug Tracker https://github.com/obrevenge/obrevenge-iso/issues
Related Websites  
Reviews 2017.x: DistroWatch
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  Releases, download links and checksums:
 • 2017-05-17: Distribution Release: OBRevenge OS 2017.05
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Feature 2017.07
Release Date 2017-07-20
End Of Life  
Price (US$) Free
Image Size (MB) 1000-1100MB
Free Download ISO
Installation Graphical
Default Desktop Openbox
Package Management Pacman
Release Model Rolling
Office Suite --
Processor Architecture x86_64
Init Software systemd
Journaled File Systems ext3, ext4
Multilingual Yes
Asian Language Support  
Full Package List  
Package 2017.07
abiword (3.0.2) --
alsa-lib (
ati-driver (16.40) --
bash (4.4) 4.4
bind (9.11.2) --
chromium (60.0.3112.101) 59.0.3071.115
cups (2.2.4) 2.2.3
dhcp (4.3.6) 4.3.5
e2fsprogs (1.43.5) 1.43.4
firefox (55.0.2) --
freetype (2.8) 2.7.1
gcc (7.2.0) 7.1.1
gimp (2.8.22) --
glibc (2.26) 2.25
gnome-shell (3.24.3) --
gnucash (2.6.17) --
gnumeric (1.12.35) --
grub (2.02) 2.02
gtk+ (3.22.18) 2.24.31
httpd (2.4.27) --
inkscape (0.92.2) --
k3b (17.08.0) --
kmod (24) 24
libgnome (2.32.1) --
libreoffice (5.4.0) --
linux (4.12.8) 4.11.9
Package 2017.07
lxde-common (0.99.2) --
mariadb (10.2.8) --
mate-desktop (1.18.0) 1.18.0
mesa (17.1.7) 17.1.4
mysql (5.7.19) --
nautilus ( 3.24.1
NVIDIA (384.59) --
openbox (3.6.1) 3.6.1
openjdk (8u144) --
openssh (7.5p1) 7.5p1
openssl (1.1.0f) 1.0l
perl (5.26.0) 5.26.0
php (7.1.8) --
plasma-desktop (5.10.4) --
postfix (3.2.2) --
postgresql (9.6.4) --
Python (3.6.2) 3.6.1
qt (5.9.1) 5.9.1
samba (4.6.7) --
systemd (234) 233.75
thunderbird (52.3.0) --
vim (8.0) 8.0
vlc (2.2.6) --
xfdesktop (4.12.4) --
xorg-server (1.19.3) 1.19.3

Reader Ratings
Reader supplied reviews for Revenge OS

Average rating
from 29 review(s)

What are your thoughts on Revenge OS?
Please include a few pros and a few cons, along with your overall impression of the operating system.


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Comments (maximum 2,048 characters):

Past reviews - sort by:

Version: 2017.07
Rating: 7
Date: 2017-08-01
Votes: 0

I installed this with KDE in a virtualbox. Worked flawlessly. I loved it and decided to installed it on a 60gb partition on the same machine to spend more time with it. Also, there are often difference between how they work.
Well, unfortunately, there were several differences.
I was very disappointed.
I used MATE instead instead of KDE. I prefer it.
It recognized my TP-Link adapter and connected quickly to the Internet. The install was very intuitive, same as VB, and went smoothly.
I chose not to install Grub as my normal procedure is to boot into my main and do an update-grub then boot into it and test.
Grub came up normally on first reboot but then my main OS wouldn't boot. Tried several times. Rebooted to another distro on the drive and it came up fine.
Did some checking from root there on my main and saw nothing wrong. One more try and it came up fine.
Update grub and rebooted.
Revenge came up but with several small problems, but 2 biggies. The main screen (HDMI via DP) brightness kept cycling up and down. Secondary screen(VGA) had no such problems. The worst was that my WiFi would not stay connected for more than a few seconds. I finally used a different adapter that it liked.
I may test again, recreate the USB in case a file was corrupted and use a different DE.
There is so much to like here. I want it to work.

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 2017.07
Rating: 9
Date: 2017-07-24
Votes: 4

I can't say enough of how great revenge os is, of course I still refer to it as obrevenge. It does everything I need it to do. I have been using it for about 3-4 mos, everything works great including Libre office. It is my daily driver and I enjoy it so much that I don't think I will ever use anything else..

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 2017.07
Rating: 9
Date: 2017-07-22
Votes: 3

I've been using the Krevenge 2017.05 desktop for just about all the things that are most important to me. I recently downloaded and gave 2017.07 revenge a spin. I found no problem with it other than it's not KDE.There have been lots of changes and new discoveries about how to keep desktops and kernels safe from so many front and back door government sponsored hacks.. So...like other arch uses that just deal with what comes up, I found krevengeos and revengeos satisfactory. There's lots of things available via the terminal. Games. music. etc. Linux is one of the fastest evolving free distributions out there.

Was this review helpful? Yes No

See all 29 reader reviews of Revenge OS...

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