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2013-12-06 NEWDistribution Release: DoudouLinux 2.1
Jean-Michel Philippe has announced the release of DoudouLinux 2.1, an updated release of the Debian-based distribution designed specifically for children up to 12 years old: "DoudouLinux version 2.1 is out. After a few months of gestation, this is the first update of DoudouLinux 'Hyperborea' 2.0. Of course it brings several improvements, updates, fixes and two new applications. Indeed we are particularly proud to announce that two new services are now officially available to our users and supporters. Our online shop, the Doudou Shop, is now open. It is managed by the DoudouLinux association, our non-profit organization dedicated at supporting the project growth and development. You will find nice DVDs with the DoudouLinux Hyperborea graphics as well as promotional materials. Our new partner, Écodair, based in Paris, is starting a DoudouLinux computer range." Here is the release announcement with a list of major changes and improvements. Download (SHA1): doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-en.iso (1,073MB, torrent).
2013-06-28 NEWDistribution Release: DoudouLinux 2.0
Jean-Michel Philippe has announced the release of DoudouLinux 2.0, a major new release of the project's Debian-based distribution designed for children between 2 - 12 years of age: "We are very pleased to announce the release of DoudouLinux 2.0, with many long-awaited new features. Now you can discover for yourself, all the great new features of this major version of DoudouLinux. We believe this is an important release: all of the advanced activities have been deeply redesigned; the DoudouLinux graphic design has been replaced with a less 'baby-looking' environment; better Internet experience thanks to new user privacy tools; easier localization (new tools to set language, keyboard layout, date, time and time zone); around 30 new applications to draw, learn music, have fun; now available in 43 languages instead of 28 formerly; a totally new, real installer to install DoudouLinux on dedicated computers." Read the release announcement and visit the what's new page to find out more. Download (SHA1): doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.0-en.iso (1,057MB, torrent).
2013-02-22 NEWDevelopment Release: DoudouLinux 2013-02
The DoudouLinux development team has announced the availability of the final test release before the upcoming DoudouLinux 2.0, a Debian-based distribution with software made for young children: "We are glad to announce the latest development release 2013-02. This release is the latest one before the next stable version of DoudouLinux, 2.0 'Hyperborea' planned for April/May. As a result, this development release is very close to what 2.0 will be which also means it is already very stable. Indeed most of the changes we will bring to reach the version 2.0 are concerning translations and localization. The main changes are the following: totally new installer that can perform a standard Linux installation, with localization settings; live CD files can now be booted directly from an USB key; live CD localization settings are now in boot parameters for easier access...." See the full release announcement for further information. Download: doudoulinux-2013-02-en.iso (1,085MB, SHA1).
2012-07-02 NEWDistribution Release: DoudouLinux 1.2
The DoudouLinux development team has announced the availability of an updated stable release of DoudouLinux, a Debian-based distribution designed for children: "'Gondwana', the stable version of DoudouLinux, has been updated to version 1.2. The changes are the following: official support for Finnish, Galician, and Norwegian (Nynorsk) which increases the number of official languages to 28; the size of the application launcher icons in the advanced activities is now computed based on screen resolution; internal disk partitions of the computer are now mounted read-only at boot; translations and PDF documentation have been updated. This will be the last update to 'Gondwana'. The next stable release will be based on its successor." See the release announcement for more information. Download the English language edition from here: doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2-en.iso (691MB, SHA1). Separate CD images localised into one of the 29 supported languages are also available.
2012-03-28 NEWDevelopment Release: DoudouLinux 2012-03
The DoudouLinux development team has announced the availability of a new test release of DoudouLinux, a Debian-based distribution targeted at young children: "This latest development release is a bit late but it is finally out. It is still based on Debian 'Squeeze', the current stable release of Debian. Therefore our development version is perfectly stable and you can safely try it. Many improvements have been brought and it is not far from being promoted as our new official release. Compared to 2011-11: many new applications and games; deep code re-factoring under the skin due to the ARM port; improved look & feel; size of icons in advanced activities is now computed at boot to occupy around half the screen area; added playlists for online music and videos using contents from archive.org. Note that the CD size is still huge and translations will not be reworked before April." See the release announcement for more details. Download: doudoulinux-2012-03-en.iso (992MB, SHA1).
2011-12-12 NEWDevelopment Release: DoudouLinux 2011-11
DoudouLinux 2011-11, a new development build of the Debian-based distribution designed for young children, is out and ready for testing: "This development release is a bit late but it is finally out! This is our second build based on Debian 'Squeeze', the current stable release of Debian GNU/Linux. Therefore our development version is perfectly stable and you can safely try it! However it still requires a lot of work before being promoted as our new official release (expected for mid 2012) and there are small remaining issues, particularly regarding to installation and reboot/shutdown that may hang. The following improvements have been brought compared to 2011-08: new application PixFrogger; animated splash during system boot; auto-login can be activated by selecting only one activity in the activities menu; internal hard disks are now all mounted read-only at boot, which really prevents children from writing on them...." Here is the full release announcement. Download (MD5): doudoulinux-2011-11-en.iso (964MB).
2011-09-30 NEWDistribution Release: DoudouLinux 1.1
DoudouLinux 1.1, an updated version of the Debian-based distribution designed for young children, has been released: "After three months of intensive work, we are very pleased to announce that our first update of DoudouLinux 'Gondwana', version 1.1, is now out! Thanks to the involvement of many new contributors, it is available in 25 officially supported languages, instead of 15 previously. The 10 new languages are Czech, Danish, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Malay, Norwegian (Bokmål), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal) and Telugu. This release also brings minor fixes and a new tool to easily set the user name on the local network for Empathy, the instant messaging application. Other changes: Songwrite is now in its latest version to solve language issues; translation issues with Stopmotion and Vkeybd (the piano keyboard) have been solved...." See the release announcement and release notes for more information. Quick link to download the English language CD image (separate CD images supporting the 25 other languages are available from the download page): doudoulinux-gondwana-1.1-en.iso (694MB).
2011-06-17 NEWDistribution Release: DoudouLinux 1.0
DoudouLinux is a Debian-based distribution targeting young children, with a goal to make computer use as simple and pleasant as possible. The project's version 1.0, code name "Gondwana", is now released: "The version 1.0 of the project is finally ready, after a year of happy work! To mark this event, we named this version Gondwana, for the super-continent which included most of the landmasses in today's southern hemisphere, before the breakup into several continents due to plate tectonics. DoudouLinux provides tens of applications that suit children from 2 to 12 years old and gives them an environment as easy to use as a gaming console. Kids can learn, discover and have fun without dad and mum always watching!" Read the release announcement and check out the feature list for more information. Download (SHA1): doudoulinux-gondwana-1.0-en.iso (695MB). Several other language editions are available from the download page.
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