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2017-01-21 NEWDistribution Release: BitKey 14.1.0
BitKey is a specialist, Debian-based distribution designed for Bitcoin users - it provides useful utilities to perform highly secure air-gapped Bitcoin transactions as well as tools for most paranoid Bitcoin users, such as Warpwallet for generating a "brainwallet". It is developed by the TurnKey Linux project. The distribution's first release, version 14.1.0, was announced yesterday on its GitHub page: "BitKey 14.1.0. Changes: refreshed component versions and base operating system to Debian 'Jessie'; manually verified and signed integrity of upstream components; new Bitcoin apps - warpwallet, coinbin and libbitcoin-explorer (bx); new packages - secure-delete, dosfstools (mkfs.vfat); added background color labels to boot modes; desktop UX - cut and paste, improved keybindings." See also BitKey's website to learn about the product's features and to read about its security modes. Download the live CD image from here: turnkey-bitkey-14.1.0-jessie-amd64.iso (445MB, SHA512, signature, pkglist). (If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, don't forget to check out DistroWatch's sister project -
2017-01-18 NEWDistribution Release: Vinux 5.1
The Vinux distribution is an Ubuntu-based project developed for blind and partially sighted people. Vinux provides screen readers, Braille support and high contrast icons. The latest release from the project, Vinux 5.1, is based on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS and offers three desktop environments: Unity 7.2.4, GNOME 3.10.4 and MATE 1.8. "This release features not just the Unity Desktop, but GNOME Shell and the ever popular GNOME 2 fork called MATE, though we primarily will support Unity only. Remember we recommend that when possible users perform updates on a regular basis. This will enable the Vinux team to update packages, and introduce new features. Vinux 5.1 is based upon Ubuntu 'Trusty Tahr' LTS." The release notes mention a regression in console speech changes: "We are unable to include the Vinux 4.0 console speech changes due to Vinux 5.1 not using ConsoleKit any longer, please see the wiki for more information. To use speechd-up log in to your desktop session and run sudo speechd-up from a GNOME terminal or add a start-up item to do it automatically upon login." The release announcement has further details. Download: vinux-5.1-amd64.iso (1,318MB, MD5, torrent, pkglist). Also available from OSDisc.
2017-01-17 NEWDistribution Release: antiX 16.1
A new version of antiX, a Debian-based distribution featuring a simple desktop built around several lightweight and rarely-used window managers, has been released: "antiX 16.1 'Berta Cáceres' released. Bug-fix version, including all updates from Debian 'Jessie' and security-patched kernels. Existing users of antiX 16 do not need to download and install; simply update via the repositories. So what is new? Not a lot, but we have included two excellent new applications - live-kernel-updater and live-usb-maker. Debian 8.7, but free of systemd. And it fits on a CD. Great live USB features. As usual, antiX comes in 3 flavours for both 32-bit and 64-bit processors: Full - 4 windows managers (IceWM, Fluxbox, JWM, herbstluftwm); Base - 3 windows managers (Fluxbox, JWM, herbstluftwm); Core-Libre - no X window, just enough to get you connected and ready to build. Uses a 'libre' kernel. Customised 4.4.10 LTS kernel with fbcondecor splash." Visit the project's home page to read the brief release announcement. Download (pkglist, replace "x64" with "386" if you prefer the 32-bit edition): antiX-16.1_x64-full.iso (680MB, MD5, signature), antiX-16.1_x64-base.iso (503MB, MD5, signature), antiX-16.1_x64-core-libre.iso (200MB, MD5, signature). Also available from OSDisc.
2017-01-16 NEWDistroWatch Weekly, Issue 695
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....
2017-01-15 NEWDistribution Release: Quirky 8.1.6
Barry Kauler has announced the availability of an update to Quirky, a sister distribution to the lightweight Puppy Linux project. The new release, Quirky 8.1.6, updates the project's 8.1.x series and is compatible with binary packages built for Ubuntu 16.04. "Quirky Linux 8.1.6 x86_64 is codenamed "Xerus" and is built using the woofQ Quirky Linux build system, with the help of Ubuntu 16.04 binary packages. Thus, Xerus has compatibility with all of the Ubuntu repositories. The Linux kernel is version 4.4.40 and SeaMonkey is upgraded to version 2.46. Quirky is a fork of Puppy Linux, and is mainly differentiated by being a "full installation" only, with special snapshot and recovery features, and Service Pack upgrades." The release announcement and release notes for Quirky 8.1.6 offer further details and a list of known issues. "There are some known issues: 1. There is Bluetooth support, but it needs work. 2. SeaMonkey has a few problems. It is stuck on DuckDuckGo for starters. 3. CLI VLC only. A full GUI video player needs to be installed." Download: xerus-8.1.6-amd64.iso (398MB, MD5). Also available from OSDisc.
2017-01-13 NEWDistribution Release: AryaLinux 2017
Chandrakant Singh has announced the launch of AryaLinux 2017. The AryaLinux distribution is source-based and uses ports style of package management. The project's front page announcement reads: "AryaLinux 2017 released with package updates and a new set of scripts to assist you in building from scratch. This is a 64 bit only release and would remain like this going forward. Complete support in the build scripts for KDE plasma environment and GNOME desktop environment has been provided in this release. Amongst the few things that missed out this release are the graphical front-end to alps. This would be released as a package in due course of time." With this release, the 32-bit installation media for AryaLinux has been dropped in favour of 64-bit images. A list of changes and the version numbers of key packages can be found in the project's release notes for AryaLinux 2017. Download (MD5) (pkglist): aryalinux-xfce-2017-x86_64.iso (1,697MB), aryalinux-mate-2017-x86_64.iso (1,791MB). Also available from OSDisc.
2017-01-13 NEWDistribution Release: Ultimate Edition 5.1
A new version of Ultimate Edition is out and ready for download. Version 5.1 is still based on Ubuntu 16.04, but it comes with the KDE Plasma desktop and, as usual, plenty of customisations and eye candy: "Ultimate Edition 5.1 was built from the Ubuntu 16.04 'Xenial Xerus' tree using a combination of Tmosb (TheeMahn's Operating System Builder) and work by hand. Tmosb is also included in this release (1.9.7), allowing you to do the same. Tmosb 1.9.8 has also been uploaded allowing you to build up to Zesty over 3,000 operating systems. This release is a long-term supported (LTS) release, supported until the year 2019. It is most certainly worthy of the Ultimate Edition title. I hate KDE. No news there, but I believe I spent a ton of time refining it to make our users happy. Did I mention I hate KDE? Looks too much like that other operating system." See the release announcement for more information. Download (MD5) the live DVD image from SourceForge: ultimate-edition-5.1-x64-lite-mate.iso (2,763MB, pkglist). Also available from OSDisc.
2017-01-11 NEWDevelopment Release: NuTyX 8.2.93
The developers of NuTyX, a distribution derived from Linux From Scratch with a custom package manager called "cards", have announced the availability of a new development snapshot. The new development release, NuTyX 8.2.93, is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit builds. A number of fixes have been applied to improve wireless networking and the default version of Python has been updated to Python 3. "NuTyX 8.2.93 available with cards 2.1.105. The NuTyX team is please to announce the development release 8.2.93 of NuTyX. More then 1500 commits since version 8.2. New ISOs are available in 32- and 64-bits There sizes are respectively about 219MB and 224MB. The available graphical interfaces are: KDE Plasma, MATE, Xfce, LXDE, FLWM, TWM, JWM, Blackbox, Openbox, Ratpoison. Third development version for the next stable version of NuTyX 8.3 planned to be release for beginning of March. The wireless post-configuration have been improved. The ESSID bug is corrected. A composite name as ESSID is now possible." Further information on NuTyX 8.2.93 can be found on the distribution's news page. Download: NuTyX_x86_64-8.2.93.iso (224MB, MD5).
2017-01-09 NEWDistribution Release: Parted Magic 2017_01_08
Parted Magic is a live CD/DVD Linux distribution for working with disk partitions and rescuing data. The latest version of the commercial distribution is Parted Magic 2017_01_08 and has been updated to use X.Org Server 1.19.0 and the kernel has been upgraded to Linux 4.9.1 with various video card fixes. The distribution now ships with support for working with ZFS volumes thanks to the ZFS on Linux kernel modules. "This version of Parted Magic comes with X.Org Server 1.19.0 and the latest open source drivers. The kernel has been updated to Linux 4.9.1 with many video card fixes. We also added a few programs and made a few minor nitpicks most people didn’t even notice. I thought the 2016_10_18 release was going to be a problem because of all the updates. It was actually the best release ever and Parted Magic 2017_01_08 builds on that. Parted Magic now ships with ZFS on Linux kernel drivers. Added programs: GRUB Customizer 5.0.6, x11vnc 0.9.13, FSlint 2.44, zerofree 1.0.4, SPL Solaris 0.7.0-git, ZFS on Linux 0.7.0git and BleachBit 1.12." Further details can be found in the project's release announcement. The latest version of Parted Magic can be purchased for US$9.00 from the project's downloads page.
2017-01-09 NEWDistroWatch Weekly, Issue 694
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....
2017-01-06 NEWDistribution Release: KaOS 2017.01
Anke Boersma has announced the release of KaOS 2017.01, a new stable build of the project's rolling-release, desktop-oriented Linux distribution featuring KDE Plasma 5.8.5: "It is with great pleasure to present to you a first KaOS ISO image for 2017. Starting the new year with a fresh new look. All parts of the Midna artwork have been updated, most notably a new sddm theme that uses a layered QML model. This makes selecting between the default regular Plasma session or optional Wayland much clearer. There is also a new move to the right vertical panel as the default. As always with this rolling distribution, you will find the very latest packages for the Plasma desktop, this includes Frameworks 5.29.0, Plasma 5.8.5, KDE Applications 16.12.0 and not-yet-released ports of KDE Applications. All built on Qt 5.7.1. Linux 4.8.15 has a change as to how the kernel image is created. Instead of using an install file that only gets called on kernel updates, a new hook file is used." Continue to the release announcement for more information and screenshots. Download (MD5): KaOS-2017.01-x86_64.iso (1,856MB, pkglist). Also available from OSDisc.
2017-01-05 NEWDevelopment Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Beta
Red Hat has announced the availability of a development release for the company's Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 product series. The new development version, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Beta, provides mostly bug fixes and updated software for cloud deployments. The release announcement lists some of the new improvements to Red Hat's main product line: "While prioritizing ongoing stability and security features for critical platform deployments, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 beta also supports the next generation of cloud-native applications through an updated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 base image. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 beta base image enables customers to migrate their existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 workloads into container-based applications - suitable for deployment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform." Further information can be found in the company's release announcement and in the detailed release notes. Technical details for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Beta can be found in the technical notes.
2017-01-05 NEWDistribution Release: BlankOn 10.0
Rania el-Amina has announced the release of BlankOn 10.0, an Indonesian Linux distribution based on Debian and featuring a custom GNOME Shell-based desktop called "Manokwari": "After several years of development, the BlankOn development team proudly present the 10th release of BlankOn, code-named 'Tambora'. There are many changes in this release which provides its own colors and support for new hardware. The development team has also added new features to some of the native BlankOn packages. Manokwari is a desktop environment based on GNOME Shell 3. It combines GTK+ with the HTML 5 frontend; it is an evolution from a shell called blankon-panel. In this release, Manokwari gets many updates and several new features, including updated search function, right-hand side panel, weather widget, music player and beautiful icons. Manokwari on BlankOn 'Tambora' supports higher screen resolutions, such as the Retina display and can also be used on 4K screens." Continue to the release announcement (in Indonesian, scroll down for the English version) for further details. Download: BlankOn-10.0-dvd-desktop-amd64.iso (1,428MB, SHA256).

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