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Baruwa Enterprise Edition

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2006-07-11 NEWDevelopment Release: SimplyMEPIS 6.0 RC3
Warren Woodford has announced the availability of SimplyMEPIS 6.0, Release Candidate 3. What's new? "The display layout of the 'settings' kioslave has been tweaked in response to tester feedback. 'Setting' are system configuration utilities. It's hoped the new layout will be easier to navigate. The RT2400 and RT2500 wireless tools have been added to settings. Khotkeys now works with settings in KDE 3.5.3. For better integration with KDE, MEPIS has been removing utilities from the MEPIS OS Center and rewriting them so they can be placed in appropriate categories in settings. The MEPIS Installer is now a separate application." Read the complete press release for further information. Download: SimplyMEPIS_6.0-rc3_i386.iso (682MB, MD5).

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 • 2011-05-05: Distribution Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0
 • 2011-04-08: Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 RC2
 • 2011-03-28: Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 RC1
 • 2011-02-09: Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Beta 2
 • 2011-01-07: Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Beta 1
 • 2010-11-19: Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Alpha 2

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MEPIS Linux is a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution designed for both personal and business purposes. It includes cutting-edge features such as a live, installation and recovery CD, automatic hardware configuration, NTFS partition resizing, ACPI power management, WiFi support, anti-aliased TrueType fonts, a personal firewall, KDE, and much more.

MEPIS Summary
Distribution MEPIS
Home Page http://www.mepis.org/
Mailing Lists --
User Forums http://forum.mepiscommunity.org/
Alternative User Forums LinuxQuestions.org
Documentation http://www.mepis.org/docs/
User's Manual
Screenshots LinuxScreenshots.org
Download Mirrors http://www.mepis.org/mirrors
Bug Tracker --
Related Websites MEPIS CommunityWikipedia
Reviews 11.0: DedoimedoDistroWatchBlogspot
8.x: ThinkdigitLWNOSNewsDobosevic.com (Croatian) • It's A Binary WorldLinuxPlanetDistroWatchLinux Community (German) • Dedoimedo
7.x: Linuxoid (Russian)
6.x: LinMagazine (Hebrew) • SeopherTuxmachinesFree-Bees
3.x: Free-Bees
200x: ABC Linuxu (Czech) • Pro-Linux (German) • LinuxgruvenOSNewsOSNews
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Recent Related News
2011-05-05 Distribution Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0
SimplyMEPIS 11.0, a new version of the user-friendly, Debian-based distribution featuring the KDE desktop, has been released: "Warren Woodford is pleased to announce the release of SimplyMEPIS 11, the latest version of the renowned SimplyMEPIS Linux operating system that is designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and easy to make your own. SimplyMEPIS 11.0.00 is released for i386 and amd64 platforms. It's configured with a kernel, the KDE 4.5.1 desktop, and many applications, including LibreOffice 3.3.2, Firefox 4.0.1, VLC 1.1.3, Amarok 2.4.0, Kdenlive 0.7.9, Digikam 1.9.0, GIMP 2.6.10, and Inkscape 0.48.1. Additional applications are available for easy installation from the MEPIS and Debian package pools including Dropbox, Skype, Scribus, Eclipse, Evolution, WINE and thousands more." Read the full press release for further information. Download (mirrors): SimplyMEPIS-1.5G_11.0.00_32.iso (1,336MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-1.5G_11.0.00_64.iso (1,337MB, MD5).
2011-04-08 Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 RC2
Warren Woodford has announced the availability of the second release candidate for SimplyMEPIS 11.0, a user-friendly, Debian-based distribution featuring the KDE 4.5 desktop: "SimplyMEPIS 11.0 RC2, aka 10.9.96, has been uploaded. This is considered to be a minor update. The primary change since RC1 is the update to a kernel that includes an experimental version of the Aufs driver, which makes it possible to run the DVD with a read/write file system. Automatic X configuration should work better with older NVIDIA cards. Automatic fstab configuration should produce a better default entry for NTFS partitions. The default panel configuration has been tweaked, hopefully, for the final time." Here is the brief release announcement. Download (mirrors): SimplyMEPIS-DVD-TEST_10.9.96_32.iso (1,302MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-DVD-TEST_10.9.96_64.iso (1,303MB, MD5).
2011-03-28 Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 RC1
The first release candidate of SimplyMEPIS 11.0, a user-friendly, Debian-based distribution with KDE, is ready for testing: "Warren Woodford has uploaded SimplyMEPIS 10.9.94, the first release candidate of MEPIS 11.0. This RC is available from MEPIS and public mirrors. MEPIS 11.0 RC1 is build from a Debian 'Squeeze' stable foundation with the following major differences: a MEPIS configured Linux kernel, NVIDIA driver 260.19.21, KDE 4.5.1, Firefox 4.0, LibreOffice 3.3.2, and the usual MEPIS tweaks that make it ready to use out of the box. For 11.0, the MEPIS community has produced an attractive new desktop theme and an excellent updated user manual, as well as a quick start guide. Warren said: 'Please let us know what you think of RC1, by posting your comments and suggestions at the mepiscommunity.org forum.'" Here is the brief release announcement. Download: SimplyMEPIS-DVD-TEST_10.9.94_32.iso (1,244MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-DVD-TEST_10.9.94_64.iso (1,246MB, MD5 (2,029MB).
2011-02-09 Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Beta 2
The second beta release of SimplyMEPIS 11.0, a user-friendly distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux, is ready for download and testing: "Warren Woodford has released SimplyMEPIS 10.9.90, the second beta of MEPIS 11.0. This beta is available from MEPIS and public mirrors. Warren reported on the progress of 11.0: 'First, I'd like to congratulate the Debian team on the release of Debian 'Squeeze' a few days ago. This MEPIS beta is primarily based on the Debian 'Squeeze' final but with a kernel, KDE 4.5.1, and Firefox 4.0b10.' Woodford continued: "After the release of the first beta, it became apparent that there were lingering issues related to booting the CD to a graphical login. Thanks to the investigations and recommendations of the MEPIS testers, we believe we have fixed these problems in beta 2.'" Here is the full release announcement. Download: SimplyMEPIS-DVD-TEST_10.9.90_32.iso (939MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-DVD-TEST_10.9.90_64.iso (943MB, MD5).
2011-01-07 Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Beta 1
The first beta release of SimplyMEPIS 11.0, a user-friendly, Debian-based desktop distribution with the latest KDE desktop, is ready for testing: "MEPIS has released SimplyMEPIS 10.9.88, the beta 1 of MEPIS 11. The beta is available from MEPIS and public mirrors. Warren Woodford reported on the progress in the 11.0 release cycle: 'This beta includes a 2.6.36 kernel. We are using an early Debianized build of KDE 4.5 but we're hoping the excellent Debian KDE Team will have a newer version available in the Debian pools before MEPIS 11.0 goes final.' Warren continued: 'We were fortunate that Firefox 4.0b8 became available in time to be included in the beta. That seemed to be an important addition, so 11.0 will be more compatible with HTML 5 web content.'" Here is the brief release announcement. Download (MD5): SimplyMEPIS-DVD-TEST_10.9.88_32.iso (931MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-DVD-TEST_10.9.88_64.iso (935MB, MD5).
2010-11-19 Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Alpha 2
Warren Woodford has announced the availability of the second alpha release of SimplyMEPIS 11.0, an easy-to-use, Debian-based distribution for the desktop: "The 8th anniversary of the MEPIS Linux project is coming up on Sunday. In time for that event, the second alpha release of SimplyMEPIS 11.0 has been uploaded. 11.0 continues to track Debian 'Squeeze' but with a 2.6.36 Linux kernel. In this release, MEPIS has backported the Galbraith latency patch which improves desktop performance. A number of bugs have been fixed which affected installation and booting from USB key. One of the fixes was to discontinue using gfxboot and replace it with isolinux, at least for the time being. For this release, isolinux has a new splash wallpaper. Users are encouraged to comment on the new wallpaper at the mepislovers.org forum site." Here is the brief release announcement. Download the live DVD images from here: SimplyMEPIS-CD_10.9.75_32.iso (803MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-CD_10.9.75_64.iso (800MB, MD5).
2010-03-30 Distribution Release: SimplyMEPIS 8.5
Warren Woodford has announced the release of SimplyMEPIS 8.5, a beginner-friendly desktop Linux distribution with KDE 4, based on Debian GNU/Linux: "For SimplyMEPIS 8.5 we started with the stable Debian 'Lenny' core and then selectively introduced updated packages that make SimplyMEPIS 8.5 a more timely operating system. Specifically, 8.5 uses a 2.6.32 kernel for up-to-date hardware support. It has the new KDE 4.3.4 desktop, yet retains much of the familiar MEPIS/KDE look and feel, so users can slowly become familiar with the new features in KDE 4.3. The new MEPIS Welcome Center guides users through their first steps with MEPIS including finding documentation, connecting with the community, and optionally installing additional applications and language packs." Read the full release announcement for further information. Download: SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.5.01-rel1_32.iso (694MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.5.01-rel1_64.iso (692MB, MD5).
2010-03-17 Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 8.5 RC3
Warren Woodford has announced that the third release candidate for SimplyMEPIS 8.5 is ready for testing: "MEPIS has released SimplyMEPIS 8.5.00, RC3 of MEPIS 8.5, now available from MEPIS and public mirrors. We've updated the kernel to The release notes from the Linux kernel team indicated that they have been hard at work making improvements. We have changed the live media to use isolinux. This gave us the opportunity to add a hardware exploration tool to the boot options. Also we've expended the number of languages that can be selected at live boot. Soon we expect to take advantage of this to build a larger international Live media release, that will have appropriate KDE localizations built-in. There have been a number of improvements to the MEPIS Assistants." See the remainder of the release announcement for additional notes. Download: SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.5.00-rc3_32.iso (698MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.5.00-rc3_64.iso (695MB, MD5).
2010-03-05 Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 8.5 RC2
The second release candidate for SimplyMEPIS 8.5, a beginner-friendly, Debian-based desktop Linux distribution, is ready for download and testing: "Warren Woodford has released SimplyMEPIS 8.4.99, RC2 of MEPIS 8.5, now available from MEPIS and public mirrors. Warren reported: 'In the past week, we've fixed some bugs reported by the community and updated the MEPIS assistants. And we've updated some packages containing bug fixes - Digikam 1.1.0, ghostscript 8.71, kdebase-workspace 4.3.4-5 and wl-modules The community is hard at work on translations, updated manual, and a couple of new utilities. I expect RC3 to be ready in a week or so. It should be the last RC before we go final with 8.5.' ISO images of MEPIS community releases are published to the 'released' subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and at MEPIS public mirrors." Read the full release announcement for more details. Download: SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.99-rc2_32.iso (696MB, MD5), SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.99-rc2_64.iso (693MB, MD5).
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